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TV soundbar OSKAR: Get the TV sound where you need it

Television is much more than just a popular leisure activity. For many people, it is a balance to stressful everyday life, pure relaxation or the opportunity to stay informed and participate in world events.

As different as the reasons for watching TV may be - if hearing problems or hearing loss occur at some point, whether due to illness or increasing age, the TV experience quickly becomes clouded. Relaxation turns into strain when we can no longer enjoy the sound and simply can no longer understand what is being said.

The most obvious solution is to simply turn up the volume on the TV. However, this only works with particularly tolerant roommates and neighbors. In addition, increasing the volume on the TV always makes all noises, including sound effects and background music, louder.

In this context, the TV soundbar OSKAR from faller audio offers new perspectives: With special voice optimization and various hearing profiles for individual requirements, the soundbar for the TV ensures that people with hearing problems can hear and understand the sound and dialogue in films, series etc. better without having to increase the volume excessively.

TV soundbar: the functional principle

TV soundbars are a practical and efficient solution for anyone looking for improved sound quality when watching TV.

The operating principle is simple: they receive audio signals directly from the TV and play them through a speaker that can be positioned closer to the receiver. This wireless transmission takes place via HDMI, Bluetooth or radio, for example.

The OSKAR TV soundbar system from faller audio consists of a transmitter (base station) and a receiver (loudspeaker). The base station is simply connected to your TV via the 3.5 mm audio connection or optical audio output. You can then simply take the TV soundbar with you to wherever you want to watch TV.

The OSKAR TV soundbar uses a special algorithm that analyzes and amplifies the frequency bands in the sound that are important for voices. This ensures a better understanding of the dialog. At the same time, the soundbar filters out distracting background noise, making speech clear and distinct. The dialog amplification makes it easier to understand conversations and speeches. With different listening profiles, you can adjust the sound to suit your individual preferences.

Innovative technology, simple operation and strong design: making television a pleasure again

The special voice optimization of the OSKAR specifically amplifies the important sound frequencies to enable clear reproduction of conversations and speeches and to filter out disturbing noises.

The wireless TV sound amplifier is extremely easy to use. You simply connect it to the TV set and can enjoy the TV experience immediately without having to deal with complicated settings. With just one button, you can switch the sound amplifier on and off and adjust the volume to a comfortable level for you. Three different hearing profiles allow you to reduce background noise to varying degrees. This allows you to easily adapt the sound to your individual needs.

In contrast to TV headphones or wireless headphones, the OSKAR also impresses with its attractive design. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and has a rubber coating all around to ensure a secure stand. The carrying handle is comfortable to carry and allows you to listen to the TV sound wherever you need it in your home. The sound amplifier also has dirt-repellent speaker covers.

Marcell Faller
(CEO & Founder, Faller Audio)

Personal motivation, innovative concept: the idea behind the OSKAR TV soundbar

The idea for the TV soundbar OSKAR arose from a personal experience and motivation: faller-audio founder Marcell Faller's father had difficulty understanding the TV due to hearing problems.

However, because conventional TV soundbars usually only make the TV sound louder as a whole, the idea of a TV sound amplifier was born: a TV soundbar that helps people with hearing problems to hear speech on TV clearly and distinctly again.

The idea eventually turned into a concept: a portable TV soundbar with special voice optimization. Together with international research companies in the field of hearing acoustics, hearing aid acousticians and hearing-impaired people, OSKAR has been developed over the past few years.

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Advanced technology meets simple operation

Innovative technology doesn't have to be complicated. The OSKAR was developed with this philosophy in mind. Connecting the TV soundbar to your TV is child's play. The portable speaker receives the sound wirelessly from the transmitter connected to your TV set, which makes setup much easier.

The operation of OSKAR is just as user-friendly. An on/off rotary control with integrated volume control and a separate button for the voice filter allow intuitive operation without getting lost in complex menus.

And the OSKAR also has a lot to offer visually: With its minimalist design, it blends seamlessly into any living environment. The high-quality aluminum housing, dirt-repellent speaker covers and all-round rubber coating not only look great, but also protect the TV soundbar from dirt and damage.

For added convenience, OSKAR is equipped with a practical carrying handle that allows you to enjoy the TV sound anywhere in your home.

And for moments when you prefer undisturbed TV enjoyment, the soundbar for TVs offers an additional headphone connection. This means you can also experience the voice-optimized sound through your headphones.


Alternative to TV headphones

With dialogue clarifying technology
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The advantages of the TV soundbar OSKAR at a glance

The TV soundbar from faller audio combines advanced technology, elegant design and practical handling. Here are the many advantages of OSKAR at a glance:

High compatibility

Compatible with all televisions that have an optical digital or 3.5 mm audio output.

Virtually unlimited freedom of movement

The wireless connection allows you to move freely around the room.

Long range

With a range of up to 30 meters, the signal is transmitted without interference.

Simple handling

Quick installation and easy operation, ideal for older people or people with impaired vision.

Individual hearing

Three different voice filter settings take individual listening preferences into account.

Usability with hearing aids

The TV soundbar OSKAR is also suitable as an additional loudspeaker for hearing aid wearers.


A practical handle allows you to enjoy the TV sound throughout your home.

High flexibility

Compact and robustly built, the TV soundbar is ideal for traveling - perfect for vacations, camping or hotels.

Aesthetic design

The simple design blends seamlessly into any furnishing concept.

Headphone jack

For undisturbed enjoyment, the OSKAR TV soundbar can also be used with headphones, with voice optimization making every word clearer.

Long battery life

With an integrated high-performance lithium-ion battery, OSKAR offers up to 16 hours of runtime.

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