The OSKAR TV sound processor


Many people, especially the elderly, have difficulty hearing TV sound clearly or understanding dialogue. This can have several reasons, for example hearing loss, background noise that is too loud or poor sound quality. A high dynamic range is the main reason why music and sound effects in movies and series are often much too loud and voices too quiet. In addition, sound needs space to unfold. But TV sound often sounds as thin as the sets themselves due to the way TVs are built today.

These problems can mean that sufferers can no longer watch TV without worry. They tire more quickly because intensive listening is very tiring, or they have to turn the TV up louder, which in turn can disturb other family members and neighbors. This is where faller audio offers the OSKAR TV sound amplifier the ideal solution

Innovative technology: This is how the TV sound processor works

The OSKAR TV Hearing Amplifier is a loudspeaker designed to help hearing impaired people hear TV sound better again and enjoy it in full sound quality.

It consists of two parts: a transmitter (base station) and a receiver (speaker). The base station is connected to the television, usually via a 3.5 mm audio connector or an optical audio output. The portable speaker, which is located near the user, receives the audio signals. Dialog amplification allows you to understand speech better. Conversations are amplified and distracting background noise is filtered out. At the same time, you can set your TV to a volume that is comfortable for you without comfortable for you without disturbing other people in the room.

Marcell Faller

(CEO & Founder, Faller Audio)

Finally enjoy watching TV again


The OSKAR TV sound processor from faller audio was developed by company founder Marcell Faller, who had a personal motivation, namely to help his father, who was no longer able to enjoy television to the full due to hearing loss. due to hearing loss.

With the TV Hearing Amplifier for the Hard of Hearing, you simply bring the sound to your and watch TV at normal volume without disturbing other people in the room. other people in the room. Dialogues become very clear with voice optimization, while background clear, while background noise that is too loud is filtered out.
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The OSKAR hearing amplifier for TV combines functionality and design. The impressive dialog optimization technology was developed together with people suffering from hearing loss, ENT physicians, international research companies in the field of hearing acoustics, and hearing care professionals to obtain the best possible product.

An algorithm improves the intelligibility of dialog by amplifying the frequency bands in the TV's sound that are important for voices. Hearing profiles specially developed for users with declining hearing dynamically adjust the contrasts between voices and ambient sounds.

The TV sound is sent wirelessly from the transmitter unit connected to the TV to the handy TV sound amplifier. A passive driver and two loudspeakers ensure clear voice reproduction.

The operation is very simple: Connect the TV sound amplifier to your TV and the TV experience can begin without having to bother with complicated settings. With just two buttons you can turn the TV sound processor on and off, control the volume and adjust the dialog optimization.

At the same time, our TV hearing system scores with its attractive design. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and offers a safe stand due to the rubber coating all around. The carrying handle makes it comfortable to carry and allows you to hear the TV sound wherever you need it. An additional highlight are the dirt-repellent speaker covers, which protect the TV listening amplifier from dust, dirt and stains.


Portable TV listening amplifier

With dialogue clarifying technology
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When choosing the right TV sound amplifier, you should first and foremost consider your own needs. The OSKAR TV sound processor offers numerous advantages:

Freedom of movement

With the wireless OSKAR TV sound processor, you can move freely around the room room without being restricted by a cable. be restricted by a cable.


The OSKAR TV sound processor can be connected easily connected to all TV sets that have an optical digital or 3.5 mm audio output.

Simple operability

Thanks to simple operability even elderly people or people with with impaired eyesight can also use the use the device.


Thanks to its puristic and elegant design the TV sound amplifier perfectly matches the the look of modern televisions.

Best battery performance

Thanks to the integrated high-performance lithium ion battery, OSKAR offers a battery battery life of up to 16 hours.


Thanks to practical dimensions and robust design, our TV sound processor is perfect for on the road: This guarantees also on vacation, camping or in the hotel an ideal listening experience.


With up to 30 meters, OSKAR has a sufficient range to transmit the signal transmitted without interruptions.

Independence despite hearing aid

Even if you wear hearing aids OSKAR can be used as an additional TV loudspeaker without any problems. use.

Headphone jack

For undisturbed television enjoyment, your TV sound processor with headphones headphones. The voice optimization makes every word every word more understandable, even with headphones.

Individual hearing

Our TV sound processor offers three different speech filter settings for individual preferences and your personal euphony.


A practical handle and a strong signal with a range of up to 30 meters allow you to take the TV sound with you throughout the apartment.

Easy installation

The wireless hearing system can be installed quickly and easily in just a few steps.

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