Portable TV Voice Enhancer

With dialogue clarifying technology
All features at a glance
269,00 € incl. VAT & free shipping
269,00 € incl. VAT & international shipping
No more booming TV volume that disturbs others! OSKAR brings speech-optimised sound to your sitting location. Dialogue is amplified and distracting background noise is filtered out so you can better understand every single word. Enjoy carefree TV moments again.
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Gold for OSKAR

Out of over 400 nominations, our TV voice amplifier has been awarded the Gold winner of the 8th German Stevie® Award in the consumer electronics category for best new product.

Medical Excellence Award Finalist

The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) is the most important award ceremony in the medical device industry. Our OSKAR was one of the finalists in 2022.

With OSKAR, you can finally understand the TV again.



Hear dialogue more clearly & understand more easily

Especially for users with declining hearing, the OSKAR voice amplifier analyses the sound of the TV and optimises it for always intelligible dialogue.

Finally watch TV with pleasure again

Clear speech playback means less frustration when watching TV and less fatigue due to strenuous listening.

Partners and neighbours remain undisturbed

Simply bring the sound to your listening position with the TV speaker and enjoy the TV sound at normal volume without disturbing others in the room.

Easy to use

You can start right away. Simply connect OSKAR to your TV and you're done. Don't bother with complicated settings or elaborate handling.

Because OSKAR makes your life more beautiful and easier.



OSKAR combines a unique technology for dialogue optimisation in a compact design. Two full-range loudspeakers and a passive driver ensure the best sound and clear speech reproduction. Choose from three different speech filter settings for your personal sound experience and never miss a dialogue again because sound effects or music overpower the speech. An intelligent algorithm ensures the continuous dynamic adjustment of the TV sound to the individual selection even with changing levels of the signal source and thus improves the sound from your TV.

Hear the language clearly

Experience the unique dialogue amplification and hear TV voices clearly without being distracted by background noise.

The use of OSKAR as an additional TV loudspeaker is independent of whether you already wear a hearing aid or not.

For all common televisions

OSKAR works with all common TV sets and is connected to your TV in a few simple steps via the base station. Once the base station is connected in a few simple steps, you can bring the sound of the TV to you and enhance the TV sound. It works independently of the volume of your TV set. You can switch this off completely or reduce it in the future.

Practical carrying handle

Take OSKAR with you and listen to the TV sound wherever you need it. A convenient handle and a strong signal allow you to take the TV sound with you into the next room, kitchen or bathroom without breaking the sound to your TV.

What OSKAR offers you at a glance

Just take the TV sound with you

Thanks to the wireless connection and the practical carrying handle, you can easily carry OSKAR as a wireless TV speaker with you into another room.

For long TV nights

Enjoy TV entertainment with voice amplification of up to 16 hours thanks to the integrated high-performance lithium-ion battery.

For all common televisions

Works as a TV speaker with all popular TVs including SmartTVs with analogue and/or digital TV audio outputs.

For undisturbed TV enjoyment

For undisturbed TV enjoyment, your OSKAR voice amplifier can also be used with headphones. Voice optimisation makes every word more understandable again, even with headphones.

When it's not the television

You want to play content other than the sound of the TV? No problem. Simply connect OSKAR to your music system. Take the sound of your radio with you into other rooms and understand newscasters or other dialogue much better again.

Design to fall in love with

Noble aluminium housing and dirt-repellent speaker covers made of fine woven fabric.

Great technology made simple

No complicated set-up or elaborate operation. With just two buttons, you switch OSKAR on or off, adjust the volume and adjust the dialogue optimisation.

Perfect for travel

Also ideal as a TV speaker for camping, holiday homes or boats. You can enjoy clear dialogue at normal TV volume even when travelling.

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Many years of experience in the field of audio reproduction have gone into the development of OSKAR. The multi-award-winning devices from sonoro not only combine timeless elegance with innovative technology. They put people and their needs first when it comes to a perfectly functioning music system. OSKAR was born out of the desire to help people with hearing loss to enjoy life more, so that they can once again watch TV as carefree as they used to. Numerous research institutes, hearing acousticians and specialists in sound and sound reproduction have spent over 2 years of intensive development to ensure that you can finally understand the television again with OSKAR.