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Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding what is being said, following conversations or hearing dialog on TV clearly, for example due to background noise? These could be the first signs of hearing problems. Our free online hearing test is a simple and convenient way to check your hearing performance.
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The advantages of our online hearing test at a glance

  • Free online hearing test
  • Simple test procedure
  • Duration only approx. 3 minutes
  • Personal evaluation of the online hearing test
  • Interesting first impression of your hearing
  • Recommendations from faller audio

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are small devices that are worn in or behind the ear. They amplify sounds, which makes it easier to hear. A hearing care professional can help you find the right device and adjust it properly so that you can once again actively participate in social life and maintain your independence.

Cochlear Implants

For people with severe hearing loss, cochlear implants might be an option. These devices bypass the damaged parts of the hearing organ and stimulate the auditory nerve directly.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

ALDs are devices that make everyday life easier or safer for people with hearing loss, for example, special telephone amplifiers and special alarms.

TV sound amplifier

TV sound amplifiers such as the OSKAR from faller audio are a great addition to a hearing aid. The portable loudspeaker with special dialogue optimization brings speech-optimized television sound directly to the listening position for older people and people with hearing impairments. It filters out background noise so that speech on television can be better understood.

How our free online hearing test works

You can easily carry out our online hearing test yourself below. First, we will ask you a few general questions about hearing to help you make an initial assessment.

The second step is the audio listening test. Once you have set your speakers or headphones to the right volume, you can play various audio samples. A speaker will call out numbers while background noises can be heard. We then ask you to enter the number you hear.

We recommend that you carry out the online hearing test in a quiet environment without additional background noise, preferably using headphones that sit well on your ears. If you do not have headphones to hand, you can also carry out the test using the speakers on your computer, tablet or cell phone.

At the end of the online hearing test, you will receive an evaluation from us with corresponding assessments and recommendations, for example the recommendation to have a hearing test with a professional audiologist or doctor.

Find out now how good your hearing performance is. We hope you enjoy the free online hearing test.

Why is an online hearing test important?

An online hearing test offers you an easy way to check your hearing. Not only can it be carried out from the comfort of your own home, it also provides an initial indication of whether professional advice or further examinations are necessary.

Early detection and appropriate measures can often maintain or improve hearing quality, which in turn makes a big difference in everyday life and in dealing with other people.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about hearing and hearing tests online



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