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For many people, watching television is part of their daily routine. But if hearing problems occur at some point, either due to age or as a result of a disease, the relaxed evening watching TV can quickly become a strenuous and tiring affair: Those affected miss important information and can no longer follow actions and conversations.

In this case, many people turn to TV headphones, e.g. chin-strap headphones, which are connected to the TV as wireless headphones or as wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Headphones for the hard of hearing are designed to enable the hearing impaired to understand the sound better and thus improve the sound experience. Find out below why TV headphones are often a poor choice and what advantages portable hearing aids such as the OSKAR offer.

TV sound processor vs. TV headphones: advantages and disadvantages

Fortunately, there are special hearing aids available today for people with hearing impairment that help provide a better TV viewing experience. The two most common solutions are wireless headphones for TVs (wireless headphones, headphones with Bluetooth, chin-strap headphones) and TV sound amplifiers.

However, compared to audio amplifiers, wireless headphones offer some disadvantages:

Uncomfortable to wear

Wearing wireless headphones, for example chin-bar headphones, can quickly become uncomfortable. This is often due to the weight or pressure of the earphones on the jaw and ears.

Motion sounds

Often, movement noises such as the rustling of clothes or typing on the cell phone are reproduced very loudly and clearly by the chin-wire headset. This can affect the quality of the sound and be annoying.

TV headphones and hearing aid

Those who already wear a hearing aid usually cannot use it in parallel with headphones. The hearing aid must first be removed from the ear, which can be inconvenient and annoying.

Participation in the social environment

When you want to watch TV together with friends or family, TV headphones can create a barrier. Wearing a wireless headset can cause you to remove yourself from the social environment and distance yourself from conversations and interactions.

Sound quality

Headphones usually only improve the volume, but not the sound.

The better alternative to TV headphones is the wireless OSKAR TV voice amplifier, a soundbar for better speech intelligibility.


Marcell Faller

(CEO & Founder, Faller Audio)

Good reasons, perfect implementation

The OSKAR was specially developed for people with hearing loss and helps to make the television experience more enjoyable and easier to understand. The idea came to Marcell Faller, the founder of faller audio, when he realized that his father could no longer fully enjoy watching TV due to his hearing loss.

He developed the solution together with international research companies from the field of hearing acoustics as well as hearing-impaired people: a portable television speaker that

  • simply brings the sound to the desired listening position to enjoy TV at normal volume without disturbing other people in the room,
  • does not shield the user from the environment, as is the case with wireless headphones,
  • with special speech optimization makes the speech and dialogs on TV clearly understandable.

The OSKAR hearing system has a wireless connection between the transmitter (base station) and receiver (loudspeaker), which enables a range of up to 30 meters. The base station can be easily connected to your TV via a 3.5 mm audio connection or an optical audio output. The device is compatible with most popular models. The portable speaker is then simply positioned near you to bring the TV sound directly to your listening position. But that's not all.

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Innovative technology, simple operation and strong design: making television a pleasure again

The special voice optimization of the OSKAR specifically amplifies the important sound frequencies to enable clear reproduction of conversations and speeches and to filter out disturbing noises.

The wireless sound amplifier is very easy to use. You simply connect it to the TV and can immediately enjoy the TV experience without having to deal with complicated settings. With just one button, you can turn the sound processor on and off and adjust the volume to a level that is comfortable for you. Three different hearing profiles allow you to reduce background noise to varying degrees. This way you can easily adjust the sound to your individual needs.

In contrast to TV headphones or wireless headphones, the OSKAR also impresses with its attractive design. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and has a rubber coating all around to ensure a secure stand. The carrying handle is comfortable to carry and allows you to listen to the TV sound wherever you need it in your home. The sound amplifier also has dirt-repellent speaker covers.


Alternative to TV headphones

With dialogue clarifying technology
269,00 €Incl. VAT & free shipping

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Delivery time 2-3 workdays

Free delivery within Germany

Secure payment



Compatible with all TVs that have an optical digital or 3.5 mm audio output

Freedom of movement

More freedom of movement through connection without cables


Range of up to 30 meters without interruptions

More comfort

Comfortable to wear due to practical handle and high signal strength

Personal settings

Individual listening with three different speech filter settings

Easy installation

Install your OSKAR in just a few simple steps

Simple operability

Easy to operate even for older people or people with impaired vision

For hearing aid users

Independence despite hearing aid through use as an additional loudspeaker

Puristic elegant design

The design perfectly matches the look of modern televisions

Practical dimensions and robust design

Suitable for use at home and on the road

Best battery performance

Running time of up to 16 hours thanks to integrated high-performance lithium-ion battery

Headphone jack

For undisturbed listening with voice-optimized TV sound, there is a headphone jack
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