Understanding the TV sound like in the past: With the TV loudspeaker OSKAR from faller, following all TV dialogues is once again child's play.

5 October 2021

faller, the new brand of sonoro audio GmbH, the audio specialist from Neuss, presents OSKAR, the portable hearing amplifier. It enables older people and people with hearing loss in particular to relax and watch television again without having to turn up the sound excessively loud.

Understanding voices better

The portable TV voice amplifier with a particularly innovative technology for voice optimisation, is easily connected to the TV and brings the sound directly to your seat. At the touch of a button, voices and important frequency bands for speech are actively emphasised, while distracting background noise is dynamically filtered out and minimised. Two full-range speakers and a passive driver ensure the best sound and clear speech reproduction. OSKAR was developed and designed in Germany and will be available from hearing care professionals from the end of October for 249 euros (RRP).

Watch TV without worries

Marcell Faller, founder and managing director of sonoro audio GmbH, explains the idea behind the faller brand and OSKAR: "Our drive to develop OSKAR came from our private lives. My father's hearing was getting worse and worse and he had to make more and more of an effort to understand the TV sound. Above all, he could no longer hear the dialogue properly and quickly became tired due to the strain of listening. The fact that he kept raising the volume caused constant tension at home. Watching television together in a relaxed way was no longer possible. His hearing aid, if he wore it at all at home, or other aids such as a sound bar were only of limited use, however, as they only amplified the TV sound even more. But this did not help him to understand the voices clearly. With OSKAR, he now gets the sound directly to him on the couch. The volume no longer has to be increased to a level that is unpleasant for the others and he can still talk to us. If necessary, he can amplify the voice reproduction at the touch of a button and peace has returned to the Faller home.

Our experience through 15 years of developing music systems for my first company sonoro audio has of course helped significantly. However, we have spent more than two years of intensive development with many people who suffer from hearing loss, as well as ENT specialists, international research companies in the field of hearing acoustics and numerous hearing care professionals to develop the best possible product for people with impaired hearing."

Easy handling, high-quality workmanship

OSKAR has a built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 16 hours and is easy to transport thanks to the side handle. The supplied charging cradle fully recharges the battery in just four hours - ideal for overnight charging. The charging cradle itself can be connected to the TV via the TV's optical digital output or line out and transmits its sound wirelessly to OSKAR with a range of up to 30 metres.

OSKAR has an uncluttered design with only two buttons: an on/off knob that also adjusts the volume and a "speech filter" button that, if desired, optimises voices in TV dialogues in three stages and reduces annoying background noise. Thus, one enjoys high-quality sound that is easy to hear and voices that are clear to understand. In addition, OSKAR offers a headphone jack. The workmanship of OSKAR is of high quality: the body is made of brushed aluminium and the speaker is covered with dirt-repellent speaker covers made of fine woven fabric.

OSKAR has dimensions of 240x102x60 mm (WxHxD) and weighs 770 g. It will be available from hearing care professionals from the end of October at a price of 249 euros (RRP). More info on www.faller-audio.com

Image material and product information can be obtained via this link: https://sonoro.canto.de/b/NJ7NM

About the brand faller

The faller brand of sonoro audio GmbH, Neuss, has been designing and developing sound solutions for people with hearing impairments in Germany since 2021, making their lives easier. In the development of faller products, the highest value is placed not only on quality, but also on ease of use and user comfort.

With OSKAR, a portable TV speaker with voice amplifier, faller has been ensuring relaxed TV watching since 2021 - even with incipient hearing loss.

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